Corporate and Team Building Opportunities

Looking for the most innovative and unique way to improve leadership and teamwork skills and build rapport throughout your organization? Wicked Escapes delivers like no other!

Designed from the ground up with the input of corporate team building and success coaching experts, our Escape Adventures are designed not just to foster bonding and group camaraderie, but to quite literally REQUIRE essential skills for successful completion of puzzles and challenges! 

When playing through our Escape Adventures, players will need to utilize important corporate team skillsets, including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Communication- Players will encounter many hidden objects, clues and puzzles to solve. Clear communication channels and "thinking out loud" are essential to "putting the pieces together" as a team. Without excellent communication, a player may be sitting on the solution to a puzzle or riddle someone else is working on... and not even realize it! 

  • Cooperative Action- Many puzzle elements are designed to physically REQUIRE the simultaneous synchronized participation of multiple team members in order to complete. Even the sharpest, most puzzle-savvy player cannot "run the room" and solve everything themselves!

  • Resource Management- With limited time, team members,"tools" and even clues as quantifiable resources, teams need to figure out how to wisely utilize everything they are given. For example, two different puzzles might both require the usage of a single flashlight to solve, so teams would need to plan and prioritize accordingly.

  • Task Delegation- The Wicked Escapes Adventures are designed to challenge full groups of 4-12 adults! That means there are many puzzles to solve and tasks to complete in order to successfully escape within the 60 minute time limit. If the entire group gets too focused on one task, they will burn time and effort. Proper task delegation is key to keep the group progressing on multiple puzzles at once!

  • Team Skill Awareness- Everyone thinks differently! And everyone has different strengths and weaknesses! The Escape Adventures are designed to contain puzzles and challenges of a wide variety to encourage various types of thinking and both inductive and deductive reasoning. Some people will fare well with word puzzles and riddles, while others will be excellent at logic puzzles, and others may be great outside-the-box thinkers or even the most efficient methodical clue-item seekers! Put the right people on the right tasks, but don't be afraid to mix it up if a different perspective seems needed!

  • Working Under Pressure- They say a team is never really tested until a tough deadline occurs and it's "All hands on deck!"... Here at Wicked Escapes, we give teams a very challenging 60 minute deadline! The best teams will not panic, and they'll remember the old "slow is fast" adage and move methodically and calmly using the other skills above! If they succeed, they just might earn a place on our leaderboard!

We can even arrange to provide professional group team skill assessment, recap and discussion by one of our professional game masters afterward, and even have the capacity to let management watch the action via our CCTV system!

In addition to fostering the above important attributes, Wicked Escapes is EXCITING INNOVATIVE FUN. It's impossible not to get caught up in the moment when you're basically starring in your own immersive action/adventure movie! With our Hollywood quality sets. props, lighting sound, automated elements, and even costumes for the players... nothing comes close to the memorable experience your group will have here!

Drop us a line or email and let's give your team a huge infusion of team-building awesomeness, and an experience to talk about for years to come!


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