4 Cells. 60 Minutes. 1 Way Out!

Throw on that orange jumpsuit, maybe some fake tattoos, explore those cells, solve prison codes, disable security measures and have the most fun you've ever had behind bars! Orange IS the new Trap!

Difficulty:  MEDIUM 

Rating:  PG 

Scare Level: NONE 

Age Range: 13+ 


Massachusetts Escape Room Cell Block 4
Boston Escape Game Museum Heist






"You can't escape the adventure!"
Based in Boston MA, Wicked Escapes is renowned for producing some of the most immersive and entertaining interactive adventure attractions in the world!  
Our flagship location is just 10 minutes north of Boston, located conveniently on Route 1, in the Rollerworld Plaza.  Book today and find out what all of the excitement is about; enjoy our spacious location, experience the thrill of solving our challenges, and maybe even set a new time-record!

Forget what you think you know about "Escape Rooms"

The Escape Room industry is relatively new and exploding in popularity! Unfortunately, most of the "overnight" Escape Room businesses popping up everywhere don't even come close to delivering the full experience a customer deserves! Perhaps you've already been to one- hastily thrown together in an office space, they give you a rough explanation of a cool sounding theme like "escaping a supervillain's lair", only to find that when you enter, that "secret lair" looks suspiciously like an office room full of random objects from a flea market, and every puzzle is a store bought padlock or word-scramble!?!? 


Not at Wicked Escapes!- We believe that an Escape/Puzzle Adventure needs to be fully immersive and truly pull you into the scenario and storyline you're participating in. We utilize fantastic scenery, props, lighting, sound and automated effects and puzzles to make you truly feel part of the adventure! We want people talking and laughing about their experience for weeks afterward!

We do this for a living!

Our scenes, props and effects are designed and built by experts from the Theatre, Film, Amusement and Event industries. Over the last 20+ years, our team members have worked on global attractions and locations like Madison Square Garden, Six Flags, Spookyworld, Busch Gardens, and Hong Kong's Ocean Park among countless others! This expertise allows us to create truly NEXT LEVEL adventure environments for our customers!


Why? Come and give it a try!

In this day and age of passive entertainment, society is addicted to screens- computer screens, TV screens, smartphone screens, etc. WICKED ESCAPES gives you the perfect opportunity to get away from those screens and actually team up and INTERACT... not just with our puzzles and environments, but WITH EACH OTHER.


This is the perfect exciting team activity for anyone: families, friends, coworkers, even groups comprised of strangers have an amazing time! Challenge yourselves. Explore, Discover, Solve and WIN!


At Wicked Escapes,  you can't escape the adventure!

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Wicked Escapes

425R Broadway

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